NBE 65-125/120-110 S2AF2ABQQV Grundfos99534583

Product name: NBE 65-125/120-110 S2AF2ABQQV; Product No: 99534583; Technical ; Pump speed on which pump data are based: 2901 rpm; Rated head: 12.21 m; Actual impeller diameter: 115 mm; Nominal impeller diameter: 125 mm; Shaft seal arrangement: Single; Shaft diameter: 24 mm; Code for shaft seal: BQQV; Curve tolerance: ISO9906:2012 3B2; Pump version: A; Bearing design: Standard; Materials ; Pump housing: Cast iron; Pump housing: EN-GJL-250; Pump housing: ASTM class 35; Wear ring: Brass; Impeller: Cast iron; Impeller: EN-GJL-200; Impeller: ASTM class 30; Shaft: Stainless steel; Shaft: EN 1.4301; Shaft: AISI 304; Material code: A; Code for rubber: V; Installation ; Maximum ambient temperature: 50 °C; Pipe connection standard: EN 1092-2; Size of inlet connection: DN 80; Size of outlet connection: DN 65; Pipe connection standard: EN 1092-2; Pressure rating for connection: PN 16; Pump housing with feet: Yes; Support block: N; Connect code: F2; Liquid ; Liquid temperature range: -10 .. 90 °C; Selected liquid temperature: 20 °C; Density: 998.2 kg/m³; Electrical data ; IE Efficiency class: IE5; Rated power - P2: 4 kW; Rated current: 7.60-6.20 A; Cos phi - power factor: 0.92-0.87; Efficiency: 92.2%; Motor efficiency at full load: 92.2 %; Number of poles: 2; Insulation class (IEC 85): F; Motor protec: YES; Motor No: 98971270; Mount. design. acc. IEC 34-7: IM V1/B5; Type of pressure sensor: Differential; Controls ; Control panel: HMI300 - Advanced; Function Module: FM300 - Advanced; Frequency converter: Built-in; Pressure sensor: Y; Others ; Minimum efficiency index, MEI ≥: 0.70; Gross weight: 80 kg; Shipping volume: 0.315 m³

Rated speed
 360-4000 rpm
Maximum operating pressure
 16 bar
Nominal flow
 86.03 m³/h
Media type
Mains frequency
 50 Hz
Nominal voltage
 3 x 380-500 V
Degree of protection
Customs tariff number
Expected origin
 63 kg