AFD40-F03D-2R-A SMC1251523AFD40F03D2RA

AFD20-40-A, Modular Style, Micro Mist separator; New Style modular air filter; Prevents contamination; Lighter weight than old style modular AF; Thickness reduction of resin case provides increased capacity(approx. 1.3 times more).; Improved water separation efficiency extends the service life offilter elements; Rc, NPT or G(PF) type threads; Made to Order 1: None; Size: 40; Thread: F (G); Accessory: D [Float Type Auto Drain (N.O.)]; Bowl: 2 (Metal Bowl); Drain port/Exhaust mechanism/Flow direction: R (Flow Direction: Right->Left); Pressure Unit: Name Plate and Pressure Gauge: MPa; Made to Order 2: None

03 (3/8)