AMH350C-F04CT SMC977640AMH350CF04CT

AMH150C-550C/AMH650-850, Micro Mist Separator with Prefilter, New Style; Micro Mist Separator with Pre-filter; Nominal filtration rating 0.3 + 0.01 µm; Rated flow from 200 to 12000 l/min (ANR); Connection size 1/8 to 2; Filter element service indicator option.; Body Size (Applicable compressor output): 350C (7.5kw); Thread: F (G); Accessory: C (N.C. Auto Drain); Rubber Material: Standard; Air Pressure: Standard; Drain Guide: None; IN-OUT Direction: Standard; Pressure Switch: T (Element Service Indicator); Degreasing Wash: None

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