AR40-F04E1-NYZA-B SMC1259230AR40F04E1NYZAB

AR20(*)-B to AR60(*)-B, Regulator & Regulator w/Backflow Function; Modular type regulator.; Available with built-in backflow mechanism.; Optional embedded pressure gauge.; Rc, NPT or G(PF) threads.; Diaphragm is made of ozone resistant rubber material (HNBR).; Made to Order 1: None; Backflow Function: None; Thread: F (G); Port: 04 (1/2); Option: E1 (Output: NPN output / Electrical entry: Wiring bottom entry); Semi-standard: NYZA (Exhaust Mechanism, Non-relieving + Knob, Upward + Digital Pressure Switch: With Unit Conversion Function); Made to Order 2: None

Body size