AW30-F02DG-18-B SMC1274168AW30F02DG18B

AW20(*)-B to AW60(*)-B, Filter Regulator & Filter Regulator w/Backflow Function; Modular type filter regulator.; Transparent bowl guard.; Available with built-in backflow mechanism.; Rc, G(PF) or NPT threads.; Made to Order 1: None; Backflow Function: None; Thread: F (G); Port: 02 (1/4); Option: DG (Float Type Auto Drain [N.O.] + Round Pressure Gauge w/Limit Indicator); Semi-standard 1: 18 (Set Pressure: 0.02 to 0.2 MPa + Metal Bowl w/Level Gauge); Semi-standard 2: Standard; Made to Order 2: None

Body size