CA2L80-500Z SMC1412889CA2L80500Z

C(D)A2-Z, Air Cylinder Standard Type, Double Acting Single Rod; Double acting, single rod, standard type; Bore sizes (mm): 40, 50, 63, 80, 100; Standard strokes (mm): 25 to 1800; Maximum operating pressure: 1.0MPa; Auto switch capable; Magnet: None; Tube Material: Aluminium Tube; Thread Type: Rc; Lube-retainer: Without Stable Lubrication Function; Stroke: 500; Suffix: None; Bracket 1: None; Bracket 2: None; Auto Switch: No Switch; Lead Wire or Prewired Connector: 0.5m (Or None in the Case of No Switch); Number: 2 pcs. (Or None in the Case of No Switch)

Bore size
Mounting type
L (Axial Foot)