CK1B63-150YZ SMC1141758CK1B63150YZ

CK1-Z/CKG1-Z, Clamp Cylinder, Magnetic Field Resistant Auto Switch (Band Mounting Style); Clevis width: 16.5mm, 19.5mm; Easy speed adjustment; Piping ports are located on three surfaces; Air cushion: unclamped, head on; Magnet: 1 (w/o Magnet); Clevis: B (19.5mm); Thread: Rc1/4; Stroke: 150mm; End Bracket: Y (Double Knuckle Joint, M6 w/o Tap); Option: None; Auto Switch: None; Number: 2 pcs. (Or None in the Case of No Switch); Air Cushion: None

Bore size
Connection method