HY(D)Q, Hygienic Design Cylinder, Basic Type; Hygienic design cylinder; Bore sizes (mm): 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63; Strokes up to 100mm depending on bore size; New switch style allows cylinder surface to be wiped off easily; New lubricating construction significantly improves water resistance; Male or femal rod end; Built-in Magnet: D (Magnet & Switch Rail); Thread: TF (G); Seal: H (External: FKM); Stroke: 15; Grease: Standard Grease (Not Approved for Food Industry); Rod End: M (Male Thread); Auto Switch: None; Lead Wire or Prewired Connector: 05 M Lead Wire (or None in the Case of No Switch); Number: 2 pcs. (Or None in the Case of No Switch)

Bore size