IR2000-F02-L SMC278632IR2000F02L

IR1000~3000, Precision Regulator; Precision regulator; Regulating pressure range (MPa): 0.005 to 0.8 depending on model; Compact and lightweight; Bracket & pressure gauge can be mouted on either the front or back; 2 air operated models; Type of Setting: 0 (Basic [Handle]); Set Pressure: 0 (0.005~0.2MPa [IR1000/2000] or 0.01~0.2MPa [IR3000]); Thread: F [G(PF)]; Accessory: None; Suffix 1: L (For low temp. enviroments [-30 to 60°C]); Suffix 2: None; Made to Order: None; Switch Specifications: None

02 (1/4 [IR2000/3000])
Body size
2 (IR2000)