IZN10-01P17 SMC641783IZN1001P17

IZN10, Ionizer, Nozzle Type; This product is being discontinued and will be replaced by IZN10E series. Update details here.; Ionic balance ±15 V (±10 V with energy saving nozzle).; Compact: high voltage source integrated in the body.; 2 types of nozzle to adapt several applications.; Slim design.; Easy maintenance: possibility of cleaning electrode without losing the assembly angle.; External switch input function (2 inputs).; Dirt alarm in electrode.; Nozzle Type: 01 (Energy Saving Static Electricity Elimination Nozzle); Output Specification: P (Output PNP); Power Supply Cable: Power Supply Cable, 3m

17 [ø6.35 (1/4), Inch Size, Elbow]