LEFB40US4S-1500-S5A2 SMC1476894LEFB40US4S1500S5A2

AC Servo Motor 100/200/400W - LEFB; Stroke: 300 to 3000 mm.; Size: 40; Motor Mounting Position: U (Bottom Mounting Type); AC Servo Motor: S4 (400W Ouput, Incremental Encoder, LECSA2); Stroke: 1500mm; Motor Option: None; Auto Switch Mounting Bracket: None; Positioning Pin Hole: Housing B Bottom; Actuator Cable: S (Standard Cable); Driver: A2 (LECSA2 200 V to 230 V); I/O Connector: w/o Connector

Length of cable
5 (5m)
Body size
25, 32 and 40 mm