LERH10K-1-S56P1D SMC1305894LERH10K1S56P1D

Rotary Table - LER; Motor type: Step motor (Servo/24 VDC); Size: 10, 30 and 50 mm; Positioning angle: 360º.; Table Accuracy: H (High Precision); Size: 10; Max. Rotation Torque: K (High Torque, LER10: 0.32; LER30: 1.2; LER50: 10); Rotation Angle: 1 (360°); Motor Cable Entry: Basic, Entry on the Right Side; Actuator Cable: S (Standard Cable); Controller: 6P (LECA6, PNP, Step Data Input Type); Protocol: None; Suffix: None; Controller mounting: D (DIN Rail Mounting)