LES25RK-100-R56P3 SMC1406723LES25RK100R56P3

Slide Table Type - LES; Stroke: 30 to 150 mm.; Size: 25; Motor Mounting Position: R (Basic Type); Motor Type: Step Motor, (Servo/24 VDC); Lead Screw: K (LES8: 4mm; LES16: 5mm; LES25: 8mm); Stroke: 100mm; Motor Option: w/o Lock; Body Option: Basic Type; Actuator Cable type: R (Robotic Flexible Cable); Controller Type: 6P (LECA6, PNP, Step Data Input Type); Protocol: None; Suffix: None; Controller Mounting: Screw Mounting

Body size
8, 16 and 25 mm.
Mounting type
w/o Side Holder