LEY32S3B-150B-S2A2 SMC1465784LEY32S3B150BS2A2

Standard Type, 100/200W - LEY; Stroke: 30 to 500 mm; AC Servo Motor, 100/200W.; Accuracy: Basic Type; Size: 32; Motor Mounting Position: Top Mounting Type; Motor Type: S3 (200W Ouput, Incremental Encoder, LECSA); Lead Screw: B [LEY25, 6mm; LEY32, 8(10)mm]; Stroke: 150mm; Motor Option: B (w/Lock); Rod End: Rod End Female Thread; Actuator Cable type: S (Standard Cable); Controller Type: A2 (LECSA2 200 V to 230 V); I/O Connector: w/o Connector

Length of cable
2 (2m)
Body size
25 and 32 mm
Mounting type
Both Ends Tapped (Standard)