MGPWM20TF-10 SMC1215596MGPWM20TF10

MGPW, Compact Guide Cylinder/Wide type; A wide guided cylinder specialised in the stability and moment of large work pieces.; Plate allowable rotation torque tripled (in comparison with the basic type) by doubling the guide pitch.; Non-rotating accuracy of the plate is improved (with respect to the basic type) due to the increase in the guide pitch.; Equivalent weight to the basic type, even though the volume is 170% more than the basic MGP.; 3 types of bearing can be selected: slide bearing, ball bushing and high precision ball bushing.; Bearing Type: M (Slide Bearing); Port Thread Type: TF (G); Stroke: 10; Auto Switch: No Switch; Number of Auto Switches: 2 pcs. (Or None in the Case of No Switch)

Bore size