R412006146 EmersonR412006146

AVENTICS™ Precision pressure regulator, Series AS2-RGP-...-E11 R412006146; Parts : Precision pressure regulator; Port : G 1/4; Qn = : 2200 l/min; Mounting orientation : Any; Regulator type : Diaphragm-type pressure regulator; Regulation range min. : 0.2 bar; Regulation range max. : 4 bar; Working pressure min. : 0.2 bar; Working pressure max : 16 bar; Min. ambient temperature : -10 °C; Max. ambient temperature : 50 °C; Activation : Mechanical; Regulator function : with relieving air exhaust; Regulator type : Can be assembled into blocks; Pressure supply : single; Lock type : lockable; Lock type : with E11 locking; Internal air consumption qv max. : 2.6 l/min; Medium : Neutral gases, Compressed air; Min. medium temperature : -10 °C; Max. medium temperature : 50 °C; Housing material : Polyamide; Note : The E11 locking is delivered without a key (see accessories for keys R961403407). The rear pressure gauge connection on the pressure regulator is closed with a blanking plug, the front connection is open. Depending on the customer application, a second blanking plug may be necessary. Please order separately (see accessories).; Material front plate : Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

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