SGC221B-10G15Y-4DZ SMC363450SGC221B10G15Y4DZ

SGC, Coolant Valve, External Pilot Solenoid; External Pilot Solenoid.; Applicable fluid: Coolant.; Large flow rates, up to 1000 l/min.; Long service life, up to 5 million cycles.; Low power consumption 0.35 W.; Auto switches can be mounted in SGC 2, 3 and 4.; Series: 2 (SGC200); Valve Type: 1 (Normally Closed); Seal Material: B (FKM); Pressure Range: 10 (0 to 1 MPa); Thread: G (G (ISO1179)); Pilot Valve: Y [0.35 W (V116)]; Electrical Entry: D (DIN Terminal); Surge Suppressor: Z (With Light and Surge Voltage Suppressor); Manual Override: Non-locking Push Type; Bracket Mounting Position: Without Bracket; Auto Switch: Without Autoswitch (Without Magnet); Number: 2 pcs. (Or None in the Case of No Switch); Made to Order: None

15 (1/2)
Nominal supply voltage
4 (220 VAC (230 VAC) 50/60 Hz)
Connection method
0.5 m (Or None in the Case of No Switch)