SJ2260-6MOZD-L2 SMC686944SJ22606MOZDL2

SJ, 4 Port Solenoid Valve; Piping variations.; With switch.; Light indication.; Manual locking.; Series: 2 (SJ2000); Type of Actuation: 2 (2 Position Double Solenoid); Pilot Specification: Internal Pilot; Back Pressure Check Valve: Without; Coil Specification: Standard; Common Spec.: +COM; Connector Entry: MO (Individual Wiring, w/o Connector); Light/surge voltage suppressor: Z [With light/surge voltage suppressor (Polar type)]; With Switch: None; Manual Override: D (Push-turn Locking Slotted Type); A, B Port Size: L2 (ø2 Elbow Fitting Assembly, Upward Entry); Single Solenoid Wiring: Single Wiring (None for 2 Position Single Solenoid and 3/4 Positions)

Nominal voltage
6 (12V DC)