SQ1241-5LO-C3-Q SMC1215664SQ12415LOC3Q

SQ1*4*, 1000 Series, 5 Port Solenoid Valve, Non Plug-in Type; SQ1000, non plug-in type valve; Response time of 12ms or less; Metal or rubber seal available; Top or side porting; Service life of 200 million cycles; Function 1: 2 (2 Position Double); Seal Type: 1 (Rubber Seal); Function 2: Standard (1W); Coil Voltage: 5 (24VDC); Manual Override: Non-locking Push Style; Plug Mount Port: None; Manifold Block: w/o Manifold Block; Q: Q (CE Marked)

C3 (Side Ported ø10 One-touch Fitting)
Connection method
LO (L Plug w/o Connector)