SY3A30-5UF1-C4 SMC1282420SY3A305UF1C4

SY3000, 5 Port Solenoid Valve, All Types (New Product); Ambient and fluid temperature [°C]: -10 to 50 (No freezing).; Coil rated voltage [DC]: 24, 12 V.; Actuation: A (4 Position Dual 3 Port Valve N.C./N.C.); Mounting/Porting: 3 (Top Ported); Seal: 0 (Rubber); Pilot Specification: Internal Pilot; Back Pressure Check Valve: None; Pilot Valve: Standard (0.7MPa); Coil specification: Standard; Light/Surge Suppressor/Common Specification: U (w/Light/Surge Voltage Suppressor, Non-polar); Manual Override: F (Slide Locking Type); A B Port Size: C4 (ø4 One-touch Fitting); Thread: Rc (or No Selection in the Case of M5 or One-touch Fittings); Mounting Option: Mounting Screw, Round Head Combination Screw; Made to Order: None

Media type
Operating pressure
-100 kPa to 0.7.
Nominal voltage
5 (24VDC)
Degree of protection
IP67 (Based on IEC60529).