SY9240-5DZD-Q SMC451948SY92405DZDQ

SY9000, 5 Port Solenoid Valve, All Types; Ambient and fluid temperature [°C]: -10 to 50 (No freezing).; Coil rated voltage [DC]: 24, 12 V.; Type of actuation: 2 (2 Position Double); Manifold Type: 40 (Base Ported); Pilot Type: Internal Pilot; Coil Specifications: Standard; Electrical Entry: D (DIN Connector); Light/Surge Voltage Suppressor: Z (Light & Surge Suppressor); Manual Override: D (Push-turn Locking Slotted Style); A, B Port Size: Base Mounted w/o Sub-plate; Thread: Rc (or None); CE Marked: Q (CE Marked)

Media type
Operating pressure
-100 kPa to 0.7.
Nominal voltage
5 (24VDC)
Degree of protection
IP67 (Based on IEC60529).