VDW22NDA SMC1185842

VDW, Compact Direct Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve (Size 2) (New Product); Body Size 2; For air, medium vacuum, water; Compactness; Lightness; Body materials: aluminium, PPS resin, brass C37 and stainless steel; Piping variations; Body material/Port size/Orifice diameter: N [(material C37 for water or aluminium for air) Port 1/8, 1.6 Orifice diameter]; Voltage/Electrical entry: D (200 VAC Grommet); Electrical options (Special voltage): None; Low Concentration Ozone Resistant - Oil-free - Special Thread: A (No - No - G, Port size 1/8); Backet interchangeable with old type: None

Media type
2 (For water)
Degree of protection
IP65 enclosure