VF5223-5DZ1-03F SMC1233746VF52235DZ103F

VF5000, 5 Port Solenoid Valve w/Rectifier; 5 port pilot type valve; Built-in full-wave rectifier (AC); Ambinet temperature: Max. 50°C; Configuration: 2 (2 Position Double); Piping: 2 (Body Ported); Exhaust: 3 (Common); Pressure Specification: Standard (0.7MPa); Coil specification: Standard; Light/Surge Suppressor: Z (With light/surge voltage suppressor); Manual Override: Non-locking Push Type; Thread: F (G); Made to Order: None

03 (3/8)
Power consumption
1.55W standard, 0.55W w/power saving circuit
Nominal voltage
5 (24VDC)
Connection method
D (DIN Terminal w/Connector)
Degree of protection
dust proof