VP744R-5LE1-B SMC1328365VP744R5LE1B

VP700, 3 Port Pilot Operated Poppet; 3 Port Pilot Operated Poppet (VP700).; Body ported, Base mounted.; Normally Closed or Normally Open (Changeable).; Body Style: 4 (Base Mounted); Valve Option: R (External Pilot); Pressure Specification: Standard (0.7 MPa); Coil Specification: Standard; Electrical Entry: L [L-type plug connector - with lead wire (length 300 mm)]; Light and Surge Voltage Suppressor: None; Manual Override: E (Push-turn Locking Lever Type); Thread: Rc (PT); Actuation: B (Normally Open); Option: None; Made to Order: None

3/8, 1/2.
Nominal voltage
5 (24V DC)