VQ21A1-6G-C8-F-Q SMC370325VQ21A16GC8FQ

VQ20/30, 2 Port Solenoid Valve, Pilot Operated; Effective area (Cv/effective orifice): 7.2mm 2 -17.5mm 2 (0.4/ø3-1/ø4.8); Coil rated voltage: 12, 24VDC; 100, 110, 200VAC; Response time: 5ms or less (VQ20); 20ms or less (VQ30); Ambient/fluid temp: -10 to 50°C; Series: 2 (VQ21); Body Style: A (Single Unit); Coil Voltage: 6 (12VDC); Voltage Protection: None (Or w/Surge Suppressor in Case of AC Volts); Manual Override: None; Option: F (Bracket); Q: Q (CE Marked)

C8 (ø8 One-touch Fitting)
Media type
Air/inert gas
Operating pressure
Connection method
G (Grommet)