VQ7-8-FHG-D-3ZA04-Q SMC825258VQ78FHGD3ZA04Q

VQ7-8, ISO Standard Solenoid Valve, Size 2, Single Unit; Size 2, ISO standard solenoid valve; Symbol: FHG (3-Position, Closed Centre); Solenoid: D (Double); Option: Z (Indicator Light w/Surge Voltage Suppressor); Seal: Metal Seal; Subplate: A04 (Side Ported 1/2); Connector: DIN Terminal Block (w/Connector); Q: Q (CE Marked)

Media type
air/inert gas
Operating pressure
0.15 to 1.0MPa
Nominal supply voltage
3 (24V DC)
Degree of protection
IP65 (dusttight, splah proof)