VQC4200R-5B1 SMC1440610VQC4200R5B1

VQC4000, 5 Port Solenoid Valve, Base Mounted, Plug-in (New Product); Replacement of existing VQ100 pilot valve with new V100 pilot valve.; Reduced power consumption: 0.4 W (low wattage type), 0.95 W (standard).; Improved operating range for low wattage type: 1.0 MPa.; Compact design (25/41 mm valve pitch) with high flow capacity (up to 4350 l/min).; Others: new locking type (manual override), plug-in compatible sub-plate type.; Configuration: 2 (2 Position Double); Sealant: 0 (Metal Seal); Configuration: R (External Pilot); Coil Voltage: 5 (24VDC); Light & Surge Suppressor: w/Light and Surge Suppressor; Manual Override: B (Locking Slotted Style); Piping Specification: Side Ported; Thread: Rc

w/o Sub-plate