VQZ342-5MOB1-02-Q SMC1409325VQZ3425MOB102Q

VQZ**2, 200/300 Series, 3 Port Solenoid Valve, Body Ported; mm²: VQZ200 7,2 - 10,9; VQZ300 13,6 - 16,3; Coil rated voltage: 12, 24VDC; 100, 110, 200, 220VAC; Response time:VQZ200 metal seal 14ms or less; rubber seal 15ms or lessVQZ300 metal seal 17ms or less; rubber seal 25ms or less; Series: 3 (VQZ300); Type of Actuation: 4 (Rubber Seal N.O.); Configuration: Standard (0.35W DC, AC); Coil Voltage: 5 (24VDC); Manual Override: B (Locking Slotted Style); IP65 Compliant: None; Thread Type: Rc (Or none in the case no inch size); Option: None

02 (Rc1/4)
Media type
air, inert gas
Operating pressure
0.1 - 0.7MPa(high pressure style
Connection method
MO (M Plug w/o Connector)