VV5FS2-30-041-03 SMC1110921VV5FS23004103

VV5FS2, Manifold for VFS2000 Series, Metric; VFS2000 series type manifolds; Thread type: Rc(PT); Body ported, bar type manifold; Base mounted, plug-in & non plug-in; Port size available: 1/8, 1/4; Maximum stations: 15 (depending on style); Base Mounted Wiring: 30 (Common Pilot EXH); Stations: 4 Stations; Passage: 1 [P and EA,EB: Common, Port A,B: Side (Type 20/30, Port A,B: Top)]; Thread: Rc; Control Unit: None; Voltage of Air Release Valve: w/o Air Release Valve; Q: None

03 (3/8)