VV5QC21-08C8SD6Q2N1 SMC989593VV5QC2108C8SD6Q2N1

VV5QC21-SD6, 2000 Series, Base Mounted Manifold, Plug-in, Serial Transmission, Fieldbus System (EX600); Base mount EX600 type plug-in manifold for VQC2000 valve; I/O serial transmission kit reduces connection work,minimizes wiring and saves space; Maximum 24 stations available as standard; Optional DIN rail mount; 18 port sizes available; Valve Stations: 8 Stations; SI Unit: Q (DeviceNet); End Plate Type: 2 (M12 Connector Power Supply, Max Supply Current 2A); SI Unit COM: N (-COM); I/O Unit Stations: 1 Station; Option 1: None; Option 2: None

C8 (ø8 One-touch Fitting)
Degree of protection
Protective enclosure conforms to IP67 for protection fromdust and moisture