VV5QC41-0603SD6V2N SMC971702VV5QC410603SD6V2N

VV5QC41-SD6, 4000 Series, Base Mounted Manifold, Plug-in, Serial Transmission, Fieldbus System (EX600); Base mount EX600 type plug-in manifold for VQC4000 valves; DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP and CC-Link, EtherNet/IP™, EtherCAT fieldbus protocols; Maximum 12 stations available as standard; Valve Stations: 6 Stations; Thread: Rc; SI Unit: V (CC-Link); Connector: 2 (Positive Common, M12 Connector); SI Unit COM: N (-COM); I/O Unit Stations: None; Option: None

03 (3/8)
Degree of protection
Protective enclosure conforms to IP67 for protection fromdust and moisture