VX233NZ2A SMC1347676

VX2**, Direct Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve for Medium Vacuum/Water/Oil/Steam.; For Medium Vacuum/Water/Oil/Steam.; Improved durability.; Reduced buzz noise.; Reduced apparent power.; Improved OFF response.; Low-noise construction.; Size: 3 (Size 3 N.C.); Body material/Port size/Orifice diameter: N (Stainless Steel - 1:1/4, 3:3/8 - 1:ø5, 3:ø10); Voltage/Electrical entry: Z (Other voltages and electrical options); Special Voltage: 2A (24 VDC - DIN terminal with light); Other Options: Standard (Rc); Electrical Entry Direction: Standard

Media type
3 (For Oil)
Mounting type