VX3122B-01F-5DL1 SMC1190979VX3122B01F5DL1

VX31/32/33 Single Unit, Direct Operated 3 Port Solenoid Valve; Direct operated, 3 port solenoid valve; Max. system pressure (MPa): water, air, oil 2.0; steam 1.0; Reduction of power consumption (DC specification): VX31: 6W to 4.5W,VX32: 8W to 7W, VX33: 11.5W to 10.5W; Enclosure equivalent to IP65; UL94V-0 conformed flame resistant mold coil material; Model: 31; Orifice: 2 (2.2mm); Style: 2 (N.O., Single Unit); Option: B (C37, Seals: EPDM, Class B); Suffix: Standard; Thread: F (G); Electrical Entry: DL (DIN Connector w/Light); Rectifier: None (for DC or AC Class H Coil); Bracket: None

01 (1/8)
Nominal supply voltage
5 (24VDC)