VXZ240GGL SMC1174637

VXZ2*0, Pilot Operated, 2 Port Solenoid Valve for Air; Body material: Aluminum, Resin, C37, Stainless Steel; Medium: air; Valve type: N.C., N.O.; Size/Valve Type: 4 (15A, N.C.); Body/Port/Orifice: G (Stainless Steel / 1/2 / ø15); Voltage/Electrical Entry: G (24 VDC - DIN terminal with surge voltage suppressor); Special Voltage: None; Other Options (Seal/Oil-free/Port Thread): L (FKM / Yes / NPT); EPDM Specification: None; Coil Mounting Direction: None (Or IN Side / Without bracket); Bracket: None; Rotation Angle: None

Degree of protection
IP65 enclosure