ZB0411-K16L-C4BK SMC1097439ZB0411K16LC4BK

ZB, Compact Vacuum Unit, Ejector; Ejector.; Energy saving design.; Supply valve with latching specification.; Compact and light weight.; Nozzle Diameter: ø0.4; Body Type: 1 [Single Unit (PV, PD common port)]; Exhaust: 1 [Silencer exhaust (Individual exhaust)]; Solenoid Valve Combination: K1 (Supply Valve: Solenoid (NC)/Release Valve: Solenoid (NC)); Electrical Entry: L (L-type plug connector with lead wire); Manual Override: Non-locking Push Style; Latching: Push Lock Type; Pressure Sensor/Vacuum Pressure Switch: None (or With Unit Switching Function); Vacuum (V) Port: C4 (Straight ø4 one-touch fitting); Option: BK (B + K)

Nominal voltage
6 (12VDC)
Connection method
Without lead wire with connector