ZK2B10K5NL2-06-J SMC1369473ZK2B10K5NL206J

ZK2, Vacuum Unit, Ejector System with Valve; This product is being discontinued and will be replaced by ZK2-A series.; Ejector System (with Valve).; More efficient 2-stage ejector.; Dual 2 port valve (Release valve/Supply valve).; All in one design with integrated components.; Easy maintenance.; Mounting variations.; Pressure sensor / switches variations.; Body Type: B (Single Unit - Port Exhaust); Nominal Nozzle Size: 10 (ø1.0); Supply Valve / Release Valve: K (N.C. / N.C.); Pressure Sensor/Digital Pressure Switch for Vacuum Spec.: N (Without Pressure Sensor / Digital Pressure Switch for Vacuum); Supply Valve/Release Valve/Digital Pressure Switch for Vacuum Connector Spec.: L2 [L-type Plug Connector - w/ Lead Wire with Connector - w/o Lead Wire with Connector for Pressure Switch/sensor]; Vacuum (V) Port: 06 [ø6 One-touch Fitting (Metric)]; Bracket: None; Individual Release Pressure Supply: None; Vacuum Break Flow Adjustment: J (Vacuum Break Flow Adjustment Needle Round Lock Nut Type); Manifold Individual Supply: None; Manifold Common Release Pressure Supply: None; Exhaust Interference Prevention Valve: None

Nominal voltage
5 (24 VDC)