ZQ1101U-K25LO-EBMK-23-Q SMC1067532ZQ1101UK25LOEBMK23Q

ZQ, Compact Vacuum Ejector Unit; Compact vacuum ejector; Body width: 10mm; Light weight: 109g (single unit with vacuum pressure switch and suction filter); Equipped with digital vacuum pressure switch with LED display; Optional check valve available; Nozzle Diameter: ø1.0; Exhaust: 1U (Silencer for Single Unit); Solenoid Valve Combination: K2 (Supply Valve: Solenoid (NO)/Release Valve: Solenoid (NC)); Pilot Valve: Standard (1 W for DC); Electrical Entry: LO (L Plug w/o Lead Wire); Manual Override: Non-locking Push Style; Latching: Push Lock Type; Suction Filter Vac Press Sw: EB (0 to -101 kPa + PNP open collector 2 outputs + with suction filter); Vacuum Pressure Switch Unit: M (Fixed SI unit kPa); Vacuum Switch Electrical Entry: None; Check Valve: K (Check Valve); Fitting (V port): 2 [ø4 (Straight)]; Fitting (P port): 3 [ø6 (Straight)]; Q: Q (CE Marked)

Nominal supply voltage
5 (24VDC)