ZR115S1-C15LNZB-Q SMC1234509ZR115S1C15LNZBQ

ZR, Large Flow Vacuum Unit - Ejector Type; Large size vacuum unit; Nozzle diameters: 1mm, 1.3mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm; Various valve types; Air operated or various voltages; Various lead wire lengths; Nozzle Diameter: ø1.5; Vacuum Pressure: S (-85KPa{-640mmHg}); Exhaust: 1 (Silencer); Valve: C1 (NC); Lead Wire 1: LN (L Plug w/o Lead Wire); Surge Suppressor: Z (Light+Surge Suppressor); Manual Override: B (Locking Style Slotted); Switch for Suction Filter: None; Output Specifications: None (or NPN open collector 1 output in case of ZSE2); Unit Specifications: None; Lead Wire 2: Grommet (Or No Lead Wire in Case of Filter or ZSE30A); Option: Bracket A or B; Q: Q (CE Marked)

Nominal supply voltage
5 (24VDC)