ZSE40AF-WF1-Y-M-X531 SMC1394746ZSE40AFWF1YMX531

ZSE40A, 2-Colour Display High Precision Digital Pressure Switch; This product is being discontinued and will be replaced by ZSE20 series.; Copy function available.; More output options than in previous ZSE/ISE40 Series.; Possible to check set-value during key locking.; Pin code function available.; Space savings.; 3-step setting.; 4-digit display.; Replaceable one-touch fittings.; Additional functions.; Rated Pressure Range: F (-100.0 to 100 kPa); Piping Specifications: WF1 (G1/8); Output Specifications: Y (PNP open collector 2 outputs + Copy function); Unit Specifications: M (Fixed SI Unit); Connector: Standard; Option 1: None; Option 2: Operation Manual; Made to Order: X531 [M12 4-pin pre-wired connector (Lead wire length 100 mm)]