ZSE80-N02L-T-X500 SMC1161571ZSE80N02LTX500

ZSE80, 2-Color Display Digital Pressure Switch for Vacuum; This product is being discontinued and will be replaced by ZSE20 series.; Stainless steel construction.; New pressure ranges have been added from 0 to -101 kPa.; 2-colour display LCD (red and green).; Low leakage type available as an option.; Rear and bottom piping available as standard options.; Water hammer protection provided.; Analogue current output option added.; Rated Pressure Range: 80 (1 to -101 kPa); Piping: N02L (NPT1/4, M5 Female, Bottom Ported); Input/Output: T (PNP Open Collector 2 Outputs, Analog Voltage Output, Auto-Shift); Option 1: W/Unit Display Switching Function; Option 2: None; Option 3: Operating Manual Booklet; X Options: X500 (Wetted Parts: Stainless Steel 316L)