ZX1101-K35MN-ECL-Q SMC227598ZX1101K35MNECLQ

ZX, Individual Vacuum Unit- Ejector Type (Metric); This product is being discontinued and will be replaced by ZK2 series.; Vacuum module, ejector system; Nozzle diameters: .5mm, .7mm, 1mm, 1.3mm; Various valve types; Air operated or various voltages; Various lead wire and connector types; Various switches and lead wire lengths; Nozzle Diameter: ø1.0; Exhaust: 1 (Silencer); Valve: K3 (Supply Valve: Solenoid (NO)/Release Valve: Solenoid (NC)); Pilot Valve: DC 1W (With Light: 1.05 W) Or None in Case of No Valve; Electrical Entry: MN (M Plug Connector w/o Lead Wire); Surge Suppressor: None; Manual Override: Non-locking Push Style (Or None if Air Operated or No Valve); Switch: E (Vacuum Switch, NPN)

Nominal supply voltage
5 (24VDC)
Connection method
CL (Connector Lead Wire Length 3.0m)