VACC-S18-70-K4-3U-EX4D Festo3504639VACCS1870K43UEX4D

Solenoid coil; Type of actuation : electrical; Assembly position : Any; Switching position indicator : No; Duty cycle : 100 %; Insulation class : H; Characteristic coil data : 230 V AC: 40/65 Hz, power 7 VA 230 V DC: 7 W; Permissible voltage fluctuation : -15 % / +10 %; CE mark (see declaration of conformity) : to EU directive explosion protection (ATEX); Explosion protection certification outside the EU : EPL Db (BR) EPL Db (CN) EPL Db (IEC-EX) EPL Db (IN) EPL Db (KR) EPL Gb (BR) EPL Gb (CN) EPL Gb (IEC-EX) EPL Gb (IN) EPL Gb (KR); Certificate issuing department : BVS15ATEXE135 IECExBVS.15.0116 INMETRO DNV 17.0040X KGS 16-GA4BO-0896X KGS 16-GA4BO-0897X NEPSI GYJ17.1236X PESO P396315; ATEX category Gas : II 2G; ATEX category Dust : II 2D; Explosion ignition protection type Gas : Ex db IIC T6, T5, T4 Gb; Explosion ignition protection type Dust : ExtbIIICT85°C,T95°C,T130°C Db; Explosion-proof ambient temperature : T4,T130°C:-50°C< =Ta< =+90°C T5,T95°C: -50°C < = Ta < = +55°C T6,T80°C: -50°C < = Ta < = +40°C; Corrosion resistance classification CRC : 4 - Very high corrosion stress; Electrical connection : Terminal box, cable entry thread M20x1.5; Materials note : Contains PWIS substances Conforms to RoHS; Material solenoid coil : Wrought Aluminium alloy Grey iron

Degree of protection
1,700 g